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15.09.2003 02:58

70 procent Američanů si myslí, že za útokem na WTC byl Saddam

70 procent Američanů si myslí, že za útokem na WTC byl Saddam

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

The story:
Prescott Bush was surely aghast at a sensational article the New York Herald Tribune splashed on its front page in July 1942.

“Hitler’s Angel Has 3 Million in US Bank,” read the headline above a story reporting that Adolf Hitler’s financier had stowed the fortune in Union Banking Corp., possibly to be held for “Nazi bigwigs.” Bush knew all about the New York bank: He was one of its seven directors. If the Nazi tie became known, it would be a potential “embarrassment,” Bush and his partners at Brown Brothers Harriman worried, explaining to government regulators that their position was merely an unpaid courtesy for a client. The situation grew more serious when the government seized Union’s assets under the Trading with the Enemy Act, the sort of action that could have ruined Bush’s political dreams.

As it turned out, his involvement wasn’t pursued by the press or political opponents during his Senate campaigns a decade later. But the episode may well have been one of the catalysts for a dramatic change in his life. Just as the Union Banking story broke, Bush volunteered to be chairman of United Service Organizations, putting himself on the national stage for the first time. He traveled the country raising millions of dollars to help boost the morale of US troops during World War II, enhancing his stature in a way that helped him get elected US senator. A son and grandson would become presidents.

The next fifty plus paragraphs extolled Prescott’s liberal virtues, proclaimed him to be “akin to the Kennedys” and mentions Prescott’s membership in the Yale singing group the Whiffenpoofs, but failed to inform about his membership in the Order of Skull & Bones.

Alexandra Robbins, a member of Yale’s second oldest senior secret society Scroll & Key, used the story in 2002 to deflect the charges in her faux exposé of the Order of Skull & Bones, Secrets of the Tomb:

Nor was it Skull and Bones that specifically instructed members to aid Adolf Hitler, though Hitler’s financier stowed $3 million in the Union Banking Corporation, a bank that counted among its seven directors Prescott Bush.

That’s it. That is Ms. Robbins complete comment on the subject of the Union Banking Corporation, financing of Hitler and the Order of Skull & Bones. No mention about the American Ship and Commerce Company, Consolidated Silesian Steel Corporation, Hamburg-Amerika Lines, Harriman Fifteen Corporation, Harriman International Company, Holland-American Trading Company, Steamless Steel Corporation or the Silesian-American Corporation, companies of which Brown Brothers Harriman were involved and all of which were enmeshed with Hitler’s rise to power. No mention that under the Trading with the Enemy Act many of these companies were seized and were placed at the US Office of Alien Property Custodian. No mention that the Union Banking Corporation was established in August 1924 with George Herbert Walker serving as president and working out of t



15.09.2003 03:09

70 procent Američanů si myslí, že za útokem na WTC byl Saddam

70 procent Američanů si myslí, že za útokem na WTC byl Saddam

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Muj vyse uvedeny prispevek jen ukazuje malou cast americkeho tisku,ktery vlastnim obcanum pripomina ,kdo je v jadru Bushova rodin a a v cich rukach prakticky jsou,zejmena kdyz Bush slibuje nekonecnou valku proti terrorismu a ma na seznamu 60 zemi ,jez potrebuji tak zvanou "americkou upravu" na ceste k demokracii,teda demokracii ,jejiz predstavitelem je Bushova rodina,dnes Amerika vola po pomoci k ovladani Iraku a jeho vykradani od oleje.Spojene Narody nijak neodsoudili agresivni akci proti Iraku ,zemi ,ktera neohrozovala ,jak Britanii,tak Ameriku a dewmokratiske volicstvo neni schopne zbavit se techto diktatoru v demokratickem havu,jez jsou schopni vyvolat svym ambiciesnim sobectvim svetovou nuklearni valku,je zajimave cist posledni dopis Georinga pred jeho smrti Churchilovi ,kde mu predestira budoucnost o kterou se zaslouzil ,tim ,ze znicil Nemecko,coz se podle jeho slov chili vyplnit v dnesnich dnech.


15.09.2003 03:29

Washington k OSN: Pomozte nám

Washington k OSN: Pomozte nám

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Kdyz maji Americane problemy ,tak ,at jim pomuze jejich "boss" ze slamastiky do ktere je dostal.

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." -Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001.


15.09.2003 03:47

Washington k OSN: Pomozte nám

Washington k OSN: Pomozte nám

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Pro pana djb.
Jakmile clovek zacina shromazdovat zpravy ,tak se dostane do situace ,ze kontrolou zjisti urcite rozdily tiskem-mediema dodanych zprav azacne premyslet a to se nesmi,nebot politici ke svemu zivotu potrebuji nemyslici stado ,co se jimi rekne musi byt svata pravda.Jedinec neznamena nic ,pokud nepremysli,jakmile premysli ,tak neni k pouziti statem a nebo politiky a musi se nejak odstranit a zneschopnit pro druhe ,aby nenasledovali jeho prikladu a nezbehli ze stada. tak nejak se dela i antisemitismus ,aby zide neasimilovali a tim nesplynuli s ostatnim obyvatelstvem,stale se pouziva strachu ,tak ,jak v kostelich strasili peklem,proste psychoza Tawistok institutu je ziva po staleti v jakychkoliv promenach.Spravne se rika ,ze pravda cini cloveka svobodnym,ale mnoho uzitecnych idiotu nechce videt druhe svobodnymi ,nebot sami tezi z nesvobody lehce ovladaneho stada-at ,uz kym koliv.Jedinec patrajici po pravde se tak stane nebezpecnym ,nebot ohrozuje imperium nevzdelanosti,ale ohrozuje i imperium sebezvolenych "vudcu".
Proto na vsech moznych diskusnich prispevcich funguji provokateri ,kteri silnym slovem se snazi vratit zbloudile ovecky zpet do stada lehkeho a nepremysliveho zivota,kdyz to nepomaha ,tak prijdou hrozby a osobni napadani a to vse ostatni ,co sveti prostredky ucelu udrzet lidi pod kontrolou.
Sebevzdelani je cesta ke svobode mysleni,cesta ,jez, da jednotlivci moznost se zbavit statni a i svetove propagandy o lepsich zitrku.Vymena informaci i treba i tech spatnych ,nakonec da prehled ,co je dobre a co zle,pozdeji ,kazdy uz sam pozna ,kde je zdroj pravdy a kde je zdroj propagandy i malicka castka pravdy zmeni Vas zivot od zakladu.


15.09.2003 04:09

Washington k OSN: Pomozte nám

Washington k OSN: Pomozte nám

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis
by Lenni Brenner (Editor)

List Price: $22.00
Price: $22.00 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. See details .
Availability: Usually

Editorial Reviews
Book Description
The Nazi era is the most discussed period in history, yet most Jews and other Americans are unaware of the interaction between Zionism and Hitler and Mussolini. The reason is simple and stark: the Zionist record is dishonorable. This book brings to light, through the use of actual historic documents, the disservice that the Zionists did to Jews before and during the Holocaust. Some of these documents were published in English decades ago, but are only now seeing the light of day. Others are being translated into English for the first time. Included are documents from Propaganda Minister Goebbels' newspaper, Der Angriff, detailing an SS-man's visit to Palestine as the Zionists' guest. Readers will also learn about Adolf Eichmann's account of his personal dealings with the Hungarian Zionist Rezsö Kasztner, who was later assassinated in Israel as a Nazi collaborator who betrayed 400,000 Hungarian Jews. Also revealed is pro-Zionist propaganda put out by the Nazis, such as a medal for getting Jews to Palestine and a Nazi board game where the object is to move Jews to Palestine. The documents contained in this book were selected with due care so that a rounded picture of history emerges. The author concludes that Zionism betrayed the Jews; and the evidence that led him to that conclusion is contained in this book. This book shows that the consequences of Zionism demand exposure.

About the Author
Lenni Brenner has authored three critically acclaimed books on Jewish history: Zionism in the Age of Dictators, The Iron Wall: Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir and Jews in America Today. He currently resides in New York City.

Cesta k pravde muze zacit tady a i mnohy z rad "zidu" by se mel poucit, jak to vlastne bylo doopravdy,proc v Nemecku jedina vlajka jineho statu mohl byt vyvesena byla ta "Israelska" a proc je vyznamenani ,jez ma na jedne strane zidovskou hvezdu a na druhe hakenkrajc????


01.01.2004 04:32

Sharonův projev jinotajů zbavený

Sharonův projev jinotajů zbavený

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Israeli population hits 6.7 mil. on 2004 eve

By Moti Bassok

Israel's population at the start of 2004 stands at some 6,750,000 people. In addition, there are around 250,000 foreigners living here, some of them for extended periods.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, 81 percent of the population - 5,450,000 people - are Jews. This includes 290,000 new immigrants who are not recognized by the Interior Ministry as Jews. The remaining 19 percent of the population are Arabs.

The year 2003 saw the smallest growth in population in 13 years - 116,000 people, or 1.7 percent. This is attributed for the most part to the slowdown in immigration, which in the past year constituted only 9 percent of the population increase, as opposed to 38 percent in 2000. Only 23,000 new immigrants came to Israel in 2003 as opposed to 34,000 in 2002.


01.01.2004 05:04

Sharonův projev jinotajů zbavený

Sharonův projev jinotajů zbavený

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Israel won the war [WW I]; we made it; we thrived on it; we profited from it. It was our supreme revenge on Christianity.’
(The Jewish Ambassador from Austria to London, Count Mensdorf, 1918).
Washingtonsti radci presidenta Bushe ,uz opet volaji po "kosmeticke uprave sveta" k obrazu nelegalniho statu Israel ,jez ma mnoho napomahacu v radach Americke vlady,takze Perle,jez prohlasil ,"At ma Irak zbrane hromadneho niceni a nebo ne ,tak jej stejne napadneme".To same prohlasoval polsky marsal ,kdyz rikal o Hitlerovi"At se brani ,jak chce ,tak stejne jej dostaneme do valky".
Dnes Arian Sharon chce o 25% rosirit zidovske osidleni na Golanskych Vysinach a aniz by se ohlizel na tu spolecnost uhlazenych "kasparu" ve spojenych narodech,co tomu rika i celou tou armadou velmi draze palcenych odborniku na mezinarodni prava,nebot pravo silne pesti ,je tim pravem nejvyssim a tak se jeden pta ,nebylo by lepsi tenhle velmi nakladny spolek rozpustit,ktery neni na nic a na "prt".
Golanske Vysiny jsou Syrske uzemi a zde je predevsim zdroj vody o ktery jsou rapidne kraceni palestinsti obcane,zatimco zidovske travniky vynikaji svezi zeleni ,tak ,nekdo nemaji vodu k vareni,ale to je soucasti Sharonovi politiky se kterou souhlasi vetsina Israelcu a to je pro Sharona-jinak spravne jmenovany Scheinerman ,to hlavni ,nesouhlas mimo hranice Israelu jej ani moc nezajima,nebot tak zvana zapadni demokracie je slepa a hlucha v lesku jidasskeho baksise,penize zmuzou vse ,tak ,jak svetovy filosof a synacek rabbina Marx-Mordenchau predurcil.


17.03.2004 01:35

Útok v Madridu - Qui bono?

Útok v Madridu - Qui bono?

Robert 202.?.?.?

Spanelsky lid promluvil,odsoudillahni sveho predstavitele a navic jej budou chtit soudit,jaktoze pres 95% protestu verejnosti proti valce v Iraku vubecnevzal v potaz,to znamena ,ze je diktator a sluha Americkych zidu,kteri vedou tuto valku,najdete si na Rense.com-clanek"American Are Rothchild proxies In Iraq",to stoji za to si to precist.Jinak ,dukazy jsou takove v opacem smeru:Jsem terrorista "zapomel" jsem sve auto pred nadrazim,samozrejme,ze jsme na zadnim sedadle nechal svuj Talmud a hebrejsky psany dopis ,ze jsem to ja ,co to vsechno udelal a rozbusky s MADE in Israel jsou tohodukazem a nakonec video,kde se zabalenou hlavou ,ale s Tel Aviv aksentem-prizvukem dokazuji,ze jsem z Israelu-Co myslite ted ,jsem vul vic nez terrorista?


17.03.2004 02:10

Ernst Zündel bojovníkem za lidská práva?

Ernst Zündel bojovníkem za lidská práva?

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Pan BE ma zajimavy postrech s tim ,co Nmeci nam Cechum udelali.Posudte samy,jak zaradil Zundela do teto kategorie.

Dnes je 15. března a tak mi přijde zvláště pěkné, jak tady je obhajován pan Zundel lidmi, kteří pocházejí převážně z Boehmen und Mahren . Copak by nám pan Z. asi řekl na téma Protektorát ? My Češi si vůbec nevážíme toho, co pro nás chtěli soukmenovci pana Z. udělat.! No ale on možná žádný Protektorát nebyl ( bude to židovská propaganda) . O děti z Lidic bylo taky dobře postaráno, určitě se měly ve vybraných německých rodinách lépe, než v nějaké české vesnici. Škoda, že o názorech pana bojovníka za lidská práva na tohle téma nevíme víc

Ted pan BE muze posoudit roli Cech ,kteri sliprisluhovat Americanum ,kteri vedou valku pres oceany do zeme ,ktera je nemohla nikdy ohrozit a pomoci lzi osparvedlnili tisice zabitych,pomoci lzi a blokady zemrelo na 500 000 irackych deti,tohle vse delaji Americani pro Israel ,ktery nezakonne vznikl na zakladet terroru v Der Yassin,muz eted pan BE rici kolik on osobne je zapojen na vrazdeni v Iraku pres svoji kolaborantskou vladu.
Pan BE si neuvedomuje ,ze Hitler,sel do Ceskoslovenska na zaklade tech samych dobrodincu svetoveho deni ,kteri dnes udajne "zachraniji svet" ,ale s hromadama mrtvol.Anglie a Francie prodala Ceskoslovensko,tak ,aj USA ujistili Saddam Hussejna ,ze se nebudou michat do zalezitosti Arabu,vsecko od zacatku je sama lez a kdyz se nekdo najde ,kdo chce ric pravdu,tak je extrimistaa kdyz se za ni postavi,tak je ten terrorista,jenom Washington a Israel jsou cisty,ackoliv bojkotuji kdejakou resoluci Spojenych Narodu a kdejaky mezinarodni soud -proc?


17.03.2004 02:26

Ernst Zündel bojovníkem za lidská práva?

Ernst Zündel bojovníkem za lidská práva?

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Odpoved Kajovi-Kaja -- karelius2@seznam.cz -- 168...*

Mily pane,az se vY prestanete rezimu zamlouvat,kdyz jim budete rikat ,jen to ,co rekli vcera a dnes ,uz neni pravda,tak proti Vam najdou takovy kopec zakonu ,ktere jste udajne porusil a v novinach o Vas napisou takove clanky ,ze si pes nevezme od Vas nani kost,pokud jste vubec o Zundelovi neco cetl,tak byste mel vedet ze zidovsky rassisti mu demonstrovali pre d domem v Kanade a zapalili mu dum,co myslite ,mohla policie zasahnout proti zidum?Zasahla by ceska police proti zidum, i kdyby zapalili vas barak,nakonec ,oni ani nikoho nechytli a i kdyby chytli ,tak by s tim nemohli vubec jit na verejnost a k soudu,kde stejne sedi zidovsky soudce ,jako ten proti Zundelovi.
Kdyz tohleto bezi selosvetove a uz mate zakony zemi,kde ,kdyz neverite na holocaust ,tak jste zavreny,rovnez ,tak byli zavreny lide ,kteri neverili ,ze komunismus zvitezi na celem svete.My ,dnes jen cteme ,jen to co nam klika mocnych dovoli cist,jiste jste nikdy necetl,jak si zide pomalovali sve nahrobky hakenkrajcem aby meli velky clanek v novinach,takovou zpravu nemuzete cist,toneni pro Vas ,v kterem svete naivity zijete,copak jste neprozil svetle zitrky ,ze Vam chybi zkusenost,kdyz i pani Horakova byl v ocich komunistu zlocinec a nutili zbytek naroda s tim kolaborovat.


17.03.2004 02:38

Útok v Madridu - Qui bono?

Útok v Madridu - Qui bono?

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Ucel vybuchu byl obratit spanelsky lid proti muslimskemu terrorismu,nebot 95% Spanelu bylo proti valce v Iraku,takze ,zmenit krutym zpusobem nazor naroda pomoci terroru zasit nenavist -to byl ten hlavni ucel,komu poslouzi takovy terroristicky utok,kdyz vetsina naroda je proti ucasti po boku Americanu v Iraku.
Na americke stanici mluvil byvaly general americke armady,ktery prohlasil,ze podle toho,jak to bylo organisovano,a co pouzili k detonaci a jake vybusniny,tak rekl,ze je to prace Mossadu,ktery takto chtel vyburcovat lidi,aby se pridali na stranu,tak zvaneho "boje proti terrorismu".Kdyz v Americe chytli zidovske studenty,jak se snazili dostat do vladnich budov a jinam,tak Bush zakazal vysetrovani a naridil je deportovat do Israelu-proc?
Kdyz chytli pri cinu v Mexickem narodnim shromazdeni israelske -zidovske agenty s granaty a explossivem,tak najednou Israelske Vyslanectvi,ktere ,jakoby otom nevedelo,zadali okamzite propusteni techto agentu,samozrejme i Kanada chytla po cinu cleny Mossadu -komanda smrti- a musela je vyhostit-propustit.
Proste ,zde je zakon ,ze nesmime ziskat dukazy ,jak to vlastne vsecko je a kdo to ogranisuje,predevsim se udaji falesne stopy a pomoci "jejich" tisku nas budou o tom denne presvedcovat,kdyz i v udajnem "11 September " nekteri terroristi,co meli udajne zahynout jsou stale naramne zivi a nikoho to vubec nezarazi,lze se dal!!!!!


20.03.2004 05:16

Několik poznámek na téma selhání demokracie

Několik poznámek na téma selhání demokracie

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Konecne se dostavamek tomu,k cemu smeruje tak zvany "svobodny,demokraticky"svet.
BEIRUT -- Long before the American neoconservatives led by Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Dick Cheney and others became the ideological soul of the Bush administration, their intention was to make Israel unassailable. The cataclysm of Sept. 11, 2001, allowed them to put that plan into action. Overthrowing Saddam Hussein and eliminating one of Israel's most implacable foes was a key objective. Once that was achieved, the new, US-controlled Iraq could be used to help Israel penetrate the Arab world, if not by diplomatic recognition then by other means.

So it did not come as a surprise last week when the Israeli media reported that Israel's Sonol fuel company is supplying US forces in Iraq with 25 million liters of refined fuel a month under a $70 million-$80 million contract. The contract was awarded by Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR), a subsidiary of Halliburton, whose dealings in Iraq under the Bush administration have stirred great controversy, not least because Cheney is its former CEO.

Iraq has the world's second largest oil reserves after Saudi Arabia, but occupation forces have to import refined fuel because of the constant sabotage of oil installations and pipelines and because of poor maintenance of refineries over the years, particularly during the 12 years of UN sanctions that ended once Saddam was overthrown.


05.05.2004 03:54

Přišel čas, aby Bush stiskl tlačítko poslední záchrany?

Přišel čas, aby Bush stiskl tlačítko poslední záchrany?

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Kam, se prijde kazdy "americky" politik poklonit ?
Drive politici "vychodu" se chodili klanet do mausolea na Rudem Namesti k Leninovi a ted "zapadni"-demokraticky politici si musi vzit cepicku a jit se poklonit a nejenom to ,prispet i financne ,driv nez je zvoleny,Schwarzen dal jeden milion dolaru,"za tu cepicku".
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (news - web sites ) fixes his skull cap which fell off during his visit to the Hall of Rememberance at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem in tribute to the six-million Jews killed in the Nazi Holocaust, Sunday May 2, 2004. Schwarzenegger is on an official 2 day visit to Israel to promote tolerence and to scout for business opportunities for the state of California. (AP Photo/Heidi Levine, Pool).
Takze ,kdo vlasten doopravdy vede v Americe valku,Americani a nebo zide z Ameriky?
Kdyz shodili "Americani" atomovou bombu na Hirosimu ,tak ti co na ni delali byli zide a pozadavek ji pouzit ,byli rovnez zide,kdo tedy bombardoval Hirosimu ,zide a nebo tak zvani Americane?
Atomic Bomb ;Decision-Scientifie Panel,June 16,1945
Recommendations on the Immediate Use of Nuclear Wepons,June 16,1945
A.h.Compton ,E.O.Lawrence .J.R.Oppenheimer,E.Fermi
A,dnes ,kdo je ve Washingtonu.
The List as Identified by Adbusters

Norman Podhoretz - Jewish
Irving Kristol - Jewish
Midge Decter - Jewish
Jeanne Kirkpatrick (Fomer US representative to the UN)
Paul Wolfowitz - Jewish (No 2 to Donald Rumsfeld)
Douglas Feith - Jewish (No 3 in Defence Dept)
Peter Rodman
Stephen Cambone
Donald Rumsfeld - Secretary of Defence-Jewish
Dick Cheney - Vice President-Jewish
I Lewis Libby - Jewish
Elliot Abrams - Jewish
Zalmay Khalilzad - Chief intermediary to Afghanistani & Iraqi opposition groups
John Bolton
Dov Zakheim - Jewish
Robert Zoellick - Jewish
Richard Perle - Jewish ( Former Chairman of the Defence Policy Board)
R James Woolsey (Former CIA Director)
Elliot Cohen - Jewish
Robert W. Tucker
Francis Fukuyma
William Kristol - Jewish ( Editor of Rupert Murdoch's The Weekly Standard - The Neocon bible)
Robert Kagan - Jewish
Gary Schmitt
Ellen Bork
David Wurmser - Jewish
Joshua Muravchik - Jewish
Reuel Marc Gerecht
Michael Novak
Fr. Richard J Neuhaus
Meyrav Wurmser - Jewish
Irwin Stelzer - Jewish
Rupert Murdoch - ?? Jewish (Chairman of Newscorp and The Fox Broadcasting System)
Richard Mellon Scaife
Thomas Donnelly
Ower Harries
Michael Ledeen - Jewish
Frank Gaffney
Max Boot
Gary Bauer
William Bennett
Daniel Pipes - Jewish
Lawrence Kaplan - Jewish
Marty Peretz - Jewish
Charles Krauthammer - Jewish
David Brooks - Jewish
Fred Barnes
John Podhoretz - Jewish
Neal Kozodoy - Jewish
Jonah Goldberg - Jewish


25.05.2004 12:04

Poprava v Íráku - ztráta respektu je koncem

Poprava v Íráku - ztráta respektu je koncem

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Lide ,dnes maji moznost dostat informace mimo kontrolovane media,s podekovanim k internetu si clovek muz eprecist otevreny dopis od otce popraveneho Nick Berg,ktery vinni Bushe a ktery ,jak je vidno je proti valce v Iraku a sveho syna jmenuje "vojakem miru".
Kdyz,celosvetovy zidovsky kongres uvalil 24 brezna ,roku 1933 boykoy a zaroven vyhlaseni Svate valky na Nemecko,tak sledovali uplne vyhladoveni Nemecka,ted ,protestanske kosteli ve Svedsku vyzvali sve verici na boykou Israelskeho zbozi ,jako odpoved na to ,jak zachazeji s Palestinci a jako moznost poucit Israel ,coz nedokazou Spojene Narody,ktere jen tisknou papir a nic se nedeje,Palestinci s puncem terroristu umiraji dal.Tak se mi zda,ze kdyby se slusni lide celeho sveta spojili,bez toho ,jak nazory zastavaji jejich zkorumplovani politici a pridali se celosvetove k bojkotu svedskych kostelu,tak by to bylo mnohem lepsi,nez cely aparat UN ,kteri by si v ten okamzik pripadali zcela zbytecni.
Ze to parcuje ,je videt ,jak zide samotni se boji rozsireni tohoto bojkotu ze Svedska do jinych oblasti.Severni zeme jsou znami svym politickym "chladem",ale tentokrate zachytili situci z Palestiny a davaji na vedomi,ceho je moc ,je az prilis,je cas ukoncit nasili a my ,k tomu pridame sve razne ne!!!!!!
Swedish Outrage

by Daniella Peled - 24 May

Sweden’s Jewish community has cut all official ties with the country’s church after it launched a boycott of Israeli goods.

Led by Archbishop K.G. Hammar of the Lutheran church, the Hopp –meaning Hope -campaign has called for sanctions to be imposed on all items from the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Infuriated at the initiative, which has the backing of 12 church groups including the Christian Peace Movement and the Baptist Union of Sweden, the Jewish central council sent a letter to the archbishop last week, criticising the “one-sided standpoint”.

They added: “A boycott of Israeli products is not the right way if you want to build bridges between the parties in the conflict. Placing all the blame on Israel does not promote dialogue with us.”

The controversy has also led to the cancellation of a planned interfaith peace summit later this year in the capital Stockholm.


06.09.2004 03:09

Odposlechnuto - skutečně ze života

Odposlechnuto - skutečně ze života

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Tak ,jsem vsechno precetl a zustava otazka ,jak dal,vratit zenu do kuchyne ,udelat z ni nerovnopravnou a podle inteligentu hloupou zenskou v rodine ,ktera povede v ramci sve "hlouposti" rodinu k poradku ,deti budou slusne vychovane ,muz bude milovan acten celou rodinou a zena bude nasledovat jeho nazoru ve vedeni rodiny a deti budou mit cerstve vareno a vyhnou se tak vselijakemu jidlu plneho chemikalii atak i zdravi rodiny i po strance psychicke bude opet k prospechu vsech ,rodiny,spolecnosti a statu a nebo tedy pujdem dal touto cestou,kterou dnes mnozi vidi ,ze je to cesta do "pekla",kdyz desetilety "fakan" posle stareho muze do "urcitych mist" protoze se on chova nehorazne ,vyzivave a neukaznene.Reditel skoly nechce jit do skoly,protoze 'deti" se mneni v gang ,ktery se mu postavi na odpor ,kdyz se mu neprehledne ,jejich doopravdy kriminalni cinnost,se kterou si nani policie nevi rady,jak by mohla ,kdyz deti pres UN dostali vic prava nez kdokoliv jiny,take UN ,poradilo detem mit sex se zviraty a politikove Vasi zeme to prijali bez odporu,nebot UN dnes je pro vsechny nadrizeny organ mimo statu Israel,ktery je "nahore v tom UN"
An accompanying workshop book produced by the U.N. Children's Fund (UNICEF) tells Latin American mothers and teens: "Situations in which you can obtain sexual pleasure: 1. Masturbation. 2. Sexual relations with a partner — whether heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. 3. A sexual response that is directed toward inanimate objects, animals, minors, non-consenting persons."---------------
Original Link: http://www.washtimes.com/national/20020510-25256488.htm


06.09.2004 03:23

Svět je zase o malinko horší

Svět je zase o malinko horší

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Myslim ,ze tohle vse ma hluboke roreny v historii tohoto koutu sveta,pocatkem rozpadu Chazarske rise ,kdy Chan naridil prevzit "zidovske nabozenstvi",jako statni nabozenstvi ,kdyz se uz kralovstvi nemohlo dele udrzet v ramci odplaty za jejich najezdy.V dobe druhe svetove valky Stalin naridil Checence -pozustatky mnohych Chazaru, v roce 1944 ,odvest v dobytcich vagonech na Sibir a cely narod roztrkat do vsech moznych mist,cesta tam byla dlouha a jen malo jich dojelo k urcenemu cili,mrtvi se vyhazovaly z vlaku,nekteri se tam ani nedostali,byli "Cekou" likvidovani na miste a nebo s nimi "sup" do armady a na frontu.Cecensky narod tedy byl deprtovan na Sibir ,ale ,kdo tou dobou vladnul v tom sovetskem hospodarstvi,ktery tak nehumalne zachazel s ostatnimi,cele tak zvane sovetske vedeni bylo po vetsine zidovske-tedy ,puvodci chazaru,kdyz i za nas Kosigin,Breznev a jini byli zide ,Lenin -Scrul byl rovnez zid,tak ,jak v ramci spravedlnosti to srovname?


06.09.2004 03:40

A máme to tady znovu – šikovně formulovaná zpráva tlačí na OSN

A máme to tady znovu – šikovně formulovaná zpráva tlačí na OSN

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Prakticky a v kratkosti receno,politici nasich vlastnich zemi se nestydeji lhat lidem a nejen to ,dokonce se to vyzaduje a ukazkou jsou nase media ,ktera prekrouti co se da ,jen ,aby se ctenar nedozvedel pravdu,pravda ,panove je dnes velmi vzacne koreni a brzo nebude k mani,nebot hrska lidi dostane tu moc ,ze bude vse nemilosrdne kontrolovat a tim ridit i nas zivot,takze ,svym zpusobem mame vladu velmi dobre placenych lharu,kteri ,kdyz se osvedci ve sve predesle ,narodni funkci,tak postoupi do rad vyssich lharu ,do kuloaru oragnisace Spojenych Narodu,takze ,svet je v rukach tech nejlepsich z tech nejlepsich lharu a podle toho to tak vypada,ale ,chyba je ve volici,prilis mnoho TV o fotbale a nic navic ze zivota k praktickemu zajisteni nasich zivotu,priznejme si to,ze jsme se stali samy o sobe "stadem".


06.09.2004 03:48

Ještě k tragédii v Beslanu

Ještě k tragédii v Beslanu

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

K te poznamce ,ze ,ta terroristicka skupina ,kterou drive nikdo neznal a to ,ze mluvci 'Cecencu" odmitl zotpovednost,mne uvedla k premysleni,ze v dobe druhe svetove valky Hitler pouzil take trik v obsazeni Gliwicke vysilacky udajne "polaky" a zanechali za sebou "stopu" mrtveho vojaka v polske uniforme.
Ukrajina vitala Nemce ,jako sve osvoboditele od bolsevismu,coz byl debakl pro Moskvy atak se stalo ,ze byla ukrajinska vesnice prepadena oddilem "Nemcu" kteri si pocinali nepricetne ,od vrazd,znasilneni a jine a jakoby " nahodou"nechali utect svedka techto nepricetnosti,kazdy ,kdo znal moralku v nemecke armade s tim jiste nebude souhlasit,ale Stalinovi to pomohlo uvest nenavist proti "osvoboditelum".Nakonec 11 September je ted soucasti mnoha dohadu a nevyjasnenych zalezitosti,takze s mnoha historickymi podvrhy se da DOKAZAT MNOHE- jaka teda bude pravda v Beslanu,kdyz se vetsine "terroristu"podarilo "utect" z obkliceni?


06.09.2004 04:07

Svět je zase o malinko horší

Svět je zase o malinko horší

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Zatim ,co se nad svetem pohorsujem,tak jini vydelavaji na valce "nekrestaske penize".

Poland's Bumar Signs 10.5-million-dollar Contract To Supply Weapons To Iraq
AFP: 9/4/2004
WARSAW, Sept 4 (AFP) - Polish arms firm Bumar has signed a 10.5-million-dollar (8.7-million-euro) contract with the Iraqi authorities to supply weapons and ammunition to the war-torn country's army and police, the company said late on Friday.

The contract was concluded on Friday on the sidelines of an international arms fair in the southern town of Kielce, Bumar spokeswoman Roma Sarzynska said.

She said the contract was the first stage in a larger deal being negotiated with the Iraqi authorities.

Last week Bumar chief executive Roman Baczynski had said the negotiations with Baghdad concerned the delivery of pistols, machine guns and ammunition worth a total 20 million dollars.

Representatives of Iraq's defence and security ministries who were attending the arms fair in Kielce have also expressed interest in the possibility of Bumar upgrading the Iraqi army's T-72 assault tanks, according to Polish public television.

In May, Bumar lost a 425-million-dollar (353-million-euro) Iraqi army contract to ANHAM, a joint venture based in the US state of Virginia.

Poland, a staunch ally of the United States in Iraq, heads a multinational force of 6,500 soldiers that is administering a swathe of Iraq south of Baghdad. The force includes around 2,500 Polish soldiers.


06.09.2004 04:17

Američané opět objevili Ameriku: Izraelský špión ve vedení Pentagonu!

Američané opět objevili Ameriku: Izraelský špión ve vedení Pentagonu!

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Jestlipak tu knihu budem moci koupit v Australii,co myslite?

They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby, Paul Findley. ...

Findley, Paul. They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby. Chicago: Lawrence Hill Books, 1989. 390 pages.
After 22 years in Congress, Paul Findley (R-IL) was defeated in 1982 following nearly four years of lobbying by Americans who support Israel. He was neither the first nor the last person to be targeted by AIPAC (American- Israel Public Affairs Committee) and ADL (Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith) for the sin of demonstrating an interest in Arab countries. The difference this time was Findley's decision to write a comprehensive book about Israel's lobby in the U.S. This book is reasonable and responsible, containing nearly 1000 end notes, and for nine weeks was on the Washington Post bestseller list. It should have been written years earlier, but many of those in Washington who helped Findley asked not be acknowledged because they were worried about their careers.


06.09.2004 04:40

Ještě k tragédii v Beslanu

Ještě k tragédii v Beslanu

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Zajimava zprav az Anglie,z mesta desitek minaretu.
Muslim Cleric Supports
Targeting Children
By Rajeev Syal

An extremist Islamic cleric based in Britain said yesterday that he would support hostage-taking at British schools if carried out by terrorists with a just cause.

Omar Bakri Mohammed, the spiritual leader of the extremist sect al-Muhajiroun, said that holding women and children hostage would be a reasonable course of action for a Muslim who has suffered under British rule.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Mohammed said: "If an Iraqi Muslim carried out an attack like that in Britain, it would be justified because Britain has carried out acts of terrorism in Iraq.

"As long as the Iraqi did not deliberately kill women and children, and they were killed in the crossfire, that would be okay."

Mr Mohammed, 44, who lives in Edmonton, north London, but is originally from Syria, also claimed that the Chechen rebels were not responsible for the deaths of more than 350 people - at least half of them children - who are so far known to have died in Beslan.

"The Mujahideen [Chechen rebels] would not have wanted to kill those people, because it is strictly forbidden as a Muslim to deliberately kill women and children. It is the fault of the Russians," he said.
Andrew Dismore, the Labour MP for Hendon, was infuriated by Mr Mohammed's comments. "That sounds to me like incitement and I will report him to Scotland Yard," he said. "It is an insult to most moderate Muslims, who are sick of people like this claiming to represent them."



13.09.2004 13:05

Odposlechnuto - skutečně ze života

Odposlechnuto - skutečně ze života

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

By Henry Makow, PhD

When I was younger, I couldn't understand what women wanted.

This is because women themselves didn't know.

Feminism told them to be independent, to have careers and lovers. But their instincts told them to get married and have children.

Recently Mary, an American woman living in London England wrote:

"I am 39, twice divorced, childless and could not understand why it is so difficult for me to find Mr Right. Thanks to your website now I know exactly why. I will show one of your articles to my lady friends [who] are very unhappy and complain that most of the men they meet (and we are talking about men over the age of 30, not 15) just want sex and refuse to commit. I have become spiritual as a result of my loneliness and eagerness to procreate.

In the meantime, I will read your articles faithfully and thank God that someone has the guts to come out with the truth. For the past five years I kept asking myself why my life has turned out as unfulfilling as it has whereas my mother didn't have that problem (she was born in 1929)."

Mary is one of millions of men and women (including myself) who do not have families because of a covert campaign of psychological warfare against heterosexuals. This Rockefeller-sponsored program of social engineering and eugenics is waged under the guise of "feminism" and "equality." The pill, sexual liberation and the mainstreaming of homosexuality are all part of it. See "Sexism is Heterosexuality (http://www.savethemales.ca/040902.html) and "Playboy and the (Homo)sexual Revolution" (http://www.savethemales.ca/091101.html)


13.09.2004 13:51



Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Ex-CIA director: U.S. faces 'World War IV'
From Charles Feldman and Stan Wilson

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) --Former CIA Director James Woolsey said Wednesday the United States is engaged in World War IV, and that it could continue for years.

In the address to a group of college students, Woolsey described the Cold War as the third world war and said "This fourth world war, I think, will last considerably longer than either World Wars I or II did for us. Hopefully not the full four-plus decades of the Cold War."

Woolsey has been named in news reports as a possible candidate for a key position in the reconstruction of a postwar Iraq.

He said the new war is actually against three enemies: the religious rulers of Iran, the "fascists" of Iraq and Syria, and Islamic extremists like al Qaeda.

Woolsey told the audience of about 300, most of whom are students at the University of California at Los Angeles, that all three enemies have waged war against the United States for several years but the United States has just "finally noticed."

"As we move toward a new Middle East," Woolsey said, "over the years and, I think, over the decades to come ... we will make a lot of people very nervous."

It will be America's backing of democratic movements throughout the Middle East that will bring about this sense of unease, he said.

"Our response should be, 'good!'" Woolsey said.

Singling out Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and the leaders of Saudi Arabia, he said, "We want you nervous. We want you to realize now, for the fourth time in a hundred years, this country and its allies are on the march and that we are on the side of those whom you -- the Mubaraks, the Saudi Royal family -- most fear: We're on the side of your own people."


04.01.2005 10:25

Obhajoba charitativních organizací

Obhajoba charitativních organizací

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Takovy bily "turista" ktery odvede dvoum sourozencum ,kteri prezili a octli se sami bez rodicu,kteri zahynuli v Tsunami a jejich nejstarsiho bratra nekdo odvede , za ucelem buzeranskych hratek,tak jej na miste povesit a humanisty ,kteri pro ne horuji v ramci lidskych a kdovi ,jakych jeste prav ,povesit hned vedle nich,zver zustane zveri,at si kazdy rika ,co chce,jak chce.
Toto je slabost lisdke spolecnosti a zakonu a jejich vykonavatelu,ze postizena osoba ma pred zakonem mene prava ,nez zlocinec.V takove postizene oblasti ma byt vyhlasene stanne pravo a kazdy ,kdo znasilni a nebo unese ,odvede deti ma byt na miste cinu potrestan-zastrelen,jinak se cela oblast zvrhne do veskerych moznych nasilnosti.
Je jasne ,ze chudi budou hledat v troskach neco k opetnemu bydleni ,ale mnozi budou hledat ,aby se obohatili na tom ,co jim nepatri.Mnozi z hladu budou rovnez hledat v troskach domu najit neco k jidlu,takze ,policie a vojsko by melo zajistit poradek a chycene lupice,pokud by nepadli kulce na miste,tak je dat na praci k pohrbivani mrtvych a obnovovani komunikaci.


04.01.2005 10:43

Rozpaky nad humanitární pomocí

Rozpaky nad humanitární pomocí

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Most All Quake Govts Knew -
But Didn't Issue Warnings
By Sudhir Chadda
Special Correspondent
India Daily News

Now it is slowly coming out that almost all the Governments affected by the Tsunami knew about the earthquake and possible Tsunami hours before their countries were hit. by the killer tidal waves. The only local Government that did not have a chance to react or evacuate was in Sumatra and Andaman Nicobar islands.

Based on the analysis of the time sequence in which these Governments received information and failed or decided not to act is alarming. In Sri Lanka, India, Maldives and Thailand rumors in the main street are rampant that their respective Governments were told not to act by someone or some entity.

Indian Military, for example, clearly got the information two hours before the Tsunami hit the India's mainland. An Indian Air Force base was wiped out in Andaman Nicobar island near Sumatra close to the epicenter if the earthquake two hours before the Tsunami hit the mainland India. When Indian Military tried to inform the Government, the Government did nothing as if they did not hear.
Same story is being repeated in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Maldives. How can all the countries decide to let Tsunami come and not evacuate a single human being?

Some are concluding that the Governments knew of some experiments by some country, agency or entities. They were clearly told not to react because it was in a controlled environment. Or, they may have just asked to keep quiet.
Zkraceno-ctenarum ponecham moznost soudu nad politiky,k cemu vubec jsou.


04.01.2005 11:59

Obhajoba charitativních organizací

Obhajoba charitativních organizací

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

WAVE RAT New York Post

By LEONARD GREENE A woman who donated a coveted Web site address to what she thought was a fund-raising organization for tsumani victims claims she was scammed by a college student who tried to sell the domain for $50,000.

Michelle Tirado, of Southbury, Conn., said she was shocked to see the domain for sale on eBay - after she gave it away, thinking it would be used to raise money for victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunamis that killed nearly 150,000 in Southeast Asia last week.

"I'm just shocked," said Tirado, 38, a free-lance journalist. "This is not right. I would never have given that to him if I knew in advance he was going to sell it."

As charity coffers worldwide begin to fill with billions of dollars in the wake of the catastrophe, relief-agency and law-enforcement officials said ghouls and scam artists are wasting no time cashing in on the calamity.
But even before she had a change of heart, her asking price was only $99. Tirado said she donated the site to Canadian college student Josh Kaplan.

Kaplan allegedly tracked down Tirado, claiming to represent "Tsunami Relief International," and said it was a nonprofit — even though no such nonprofit exists. He told her he and other designers would create a Web site to collect donations. Zkraceno.

Co ,k tomu dodat,zbehly ctenar Zvedavce ,pozna rychle o co tu v celku bezi a kdo jsou ty "Krysy",proste,lidske hyeny,za kazdou cenu se dostat k penezum ,neni se co divit,kdyz uz kasiruji 60 let za mrtvoly,nektere i neexistujici.


26.03.2005 02:06

Ještě více holocaustu!

Ještě více holocaustu!


Jestlipak nasi politici zaznamenaji tento clanek z israelskych novin ,jak stat Israel stale drzi sexualni otrokyne,ktere pasuje z ruznych krestanskych zemi pro tytostale trpici.Adolf Hitler tomuto zabranil ,dnesni politici neochranuji zeny-jsou rovnoprave,ze ano ?
Thousands Of Women Smuggled
Into Israel For Sex Trade

By Ruth Sinai
Haaretz Correspondent
Between 3,000 and 5,000 women have been smuggled into Israel and sold into prostitution over the past four years, according to a Knesset committee investigative report examining the status of the sex trade in Israel. The trafficking in women amounts to around a billion dollars every year.
Yahad MK Zehava Gal-On, chair of the parliamentary Committee Against Trade in Women, submitted the extensive report on Wednesday to Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin.
The women, sold to pimps for $8,000 to $10,000, are forced to work seven days a week and between 14 and 18 hours a day.
The woman receive just NIS 20 from the NIS 120 paid by the customer.
"When I established the investigative committee, my goal was to map the extent of the phenomenon and to make both the policy-makers and the public aware of the brutal nature of the trade in women in the age of globalization," Gal-On wrote in the report's introduction.
"They should understand that right in Israeli society's front yard there is sexual slavery that we have to eradicate," she wrote.
The committee stated that its extensive action has led to a significant improvement of the different state authorities - such as the judicial system, the state prosecution and police - in their commitment to fight human trafficking.


19.04.2005 04:08

Strýček Sam se zabydluje v bývalém SSSR

Strýček Sam se zabydluje v bývalém SSSR


Ne strycek Sam ,ale zide se roztahuji pomoci hlupaku po celem svete.
US Helped to Prepare the Way for Kyrgyzstan’s Uprising (March 30, 2005)
The US government and government-backed institutions funneled millions of dollars into Kyrgyzstan to produce “pro-democracy” broadcasting, educate and organize activists, create “civil society centers,” and ultimately fuel a wave of change in the country’s government, says the New York Times. Former President Askar Akayev blames the US for his overthrow, but Western officials praise US involvement. This article suggests Akayev characterized recent events as an “American conspiracy” to local media, but fails to question possible US motives or any downsides to this kind of action.
Mnozi spolehaji na Cinu,ze je jako chytra ve sve politice.Tak jen pro oziveni pameti,kdyz komunisti zacali v Cine ,tak a"pomoc" z Ruska.General Galen-(Blucher)prave jmeno Chesin, take dalsi poradce Moskvy, Vladimirov ,jez nebyl nikdo jiny nez feldmann,,take Chiang Kai-Shek dostal poradce Mai Sha,jinak se jmenuje jako Mah Kun,jez to vse financoval ,ale prave jmeno je Morris Cohen,Komunistickou stranu zapocal v Cine Michael M. Borodin,jinak spravne jmenovany Jacob Grusenberg,takze ,mnozi ctenari ,nedelejte si moc nadeje,ze by Cina zachranila svet,uz jen proto ,ze v Rusku u moci jsou vetsinou zide ,rusky casopis pise ,ze i Putin mel matku zidovku,takze si vyber ,kolik nadeje ma tak zvany krestansky svet na preziti,kdyz vsude u vesla jsou zide ,tajni a i verejni.Cina ma i svou zidovskou komunitu,tak ,jak Sanghaj,kde se ukrylo plno zidu z Evropy v dobe druhe svet.valce.


19.04.2005 04:19

Ernest Zündel oslaví šedesáté šesté narozeniny - pošlete mu pohlednici

Ernest Zündel oslaví šedesáté šesté narozeniny - pošlete mu pohlednici

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Jakepak jsou zakony ,kdyz do Israelu si klidne vyjede zid z Australie-vydet zemi zaslibenou,co si sami zaslibili-a zde ,co by obcan s dvojim obcanstvim ,Australskym a Israelskym narukuje do rad armady na par tydnu,co by dobrovolnik,postrili par Palestincu,nakrouti si pejzy,prevlekne se do civilu a zase prijede zpet ze sve dovolene,aniz by se jej nekdo ptal ,kolik zasterlil deti na kole,na piskovisti a nebo vystrelil gumovou kulkou devceti oko,to same delaji na svych cestach-dovolenych z Kanady a odjinud,takze ,jake mame zakony.Na druhou stranu "smrtelne komando" pusobi ve vsech ,tak do zadku lezoucim spratelenym zemim,kde klidne odprasknou koho chteji ,aniz by lokalni organy se zabyvali s tim ,co se vlasten deje,trochu je skripli na NOvem Zelandu,ale vrazdy vysle na verejnost k ziskani cestovnich dokumentu se ututlaly.
V Mexickem parlamentu je chytli pri cinu a hned na telefonicke volani z Israelske ambassady je museli pustit-ty terroristy ,co sli vyvrazdit poslance,kdyz se naseho ministra zahranici zeptate ,co vi o smrtelnych komandech zidu a co delaji v Australii,tak se nedockate zadne odpovedi,tak ,tedy ,jake zakony a pro koho?


08.05.2005 21:16

Holocaustová pumpa nekončí

Holocaustová pumpa nekončí

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Fakt že tento článek byl uveřejněn i na oficiálních stránkách neonacistického Národního Odporu je myslím víc než výmluvný.
Napsala -Emma Bovary

Zase voda ,pani Bowary,nejdrive ten clanek ,jako originalni ,byl uverejnen v zidovskem Haaretz,takze ,primo od cepu,z zidovskych pramenu.
Nakonec ,kdyz mluvime o odskodneni ,tak otazka ,90% tak zvanych bolseviku bylo zidu,co ti,vrati ukradeny carsky poklad ,co jim predali cesky legionari,vrati tento poklad ruskemu lidu,nebot jen on je jeho pravoplatnym majetkem.Jakpak prohledaji zidovske domacnosti v USA ,kde se nachazi ,tak zvana 'Carska vajicka " a jine,takovy dedicove Hammera by se urcite ochotou pretrhli,jsem si tim jist.Kdyz odskodneni ,tak vsem a ne jenom zidum,ze ano?
Nakonec ztech rudych komisaru ,poctu 520 ,jen tech ,co se podarilo indefikovat ,co by zide ,tak jich napocitali na 486 ,co se delili o moc a ovsem i o korist,ktera dnes je roztahana po vsech koutech sveta.Myslim ,ze i za zidovsky vynalez komunismu by meli byt lide rovnez odskodneni,zejmena politicti veznove a ti jez prosli povestnym 'Hradcanskym domeckem" kde vladnul Pich-Tuma ,jak to bude s Ukrajinou a Ruskem ,kde poctem obeti dosahl 100 milionu nevim ,kazdopadne po vyplaceni by prestal stat Israel existovat a jeste by byl zadluzen na nekolik stoleti.Jen v dobe druhe svetove valky bylo v bolsevicke vlade na 260 zidovskych generalu,kteri hnali lidi na jatka,tak ,jak to ted delaji v Americe ,pro zmenu, aby lidi zblbli.
Konec koncu ,doufam ,ze nemyslite ,ze toco jednou zid uchvati ,tak je navzdy ztracene a neni toho malo ,ceho se zmocnili,ze ano?


08.05.2005 21:36

Imigrační horečka

Imigrační horečka

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

To same Australie,ktera mela tak zvanou rasovou politiku,ktera byl atercem prihlouplych politiku,takze ,zde nikdo,kdo nebyl bily nemel moznost se sem dostat ,to zkusil i znamy "cesky" zidovsky reporter,ktery vyskocil z lodi a zlomil si nohu a presto jej dostali zpet na lod.
Australie vlivem Americanu,tedy tech ,co ovsem Americany nejsou ,ale vladnou,ze v dobe vietnamske valky,kam rovnez Australii zatahli ,jak do te Iracke,tak po padu Jizniho Vietnamu se prolomila bariera pristehovaleckeho zakona a vzali Vietnamce A S MULTIKULTURNIM PROGRAMEM PRISEL za Vitlemovi vlady All Grasby,ktery zcela zmenil obcanske slozeni australske spolecnosti,dnes ,jen par dnu od jeho umrti,jsou znat nasledky jeho prace ,kde uz mnozi Australani se neciti ,jako dom av Australii,kdyz jdou do mest ,kde cele ctvrte jsou vietnamske,cinske a nebo libanonske a australska policie ma velke potize se vselijakymi mezinarodnimi gangy,co zde operuji s prodejem drag a jineho,proste,uz to neni Australie ,jak mnozi pamatuji.
Pred druhou svetovou valkou ,zde neznali,co jsou ploty kolem domu,zamky ve dverich a nejake znasilneni a loupeze byly velmi zridka publikovane,protoze nebyly,staci nahlednou do mnoha novin te doby.
Neuplyne mnoho casu a asiate zde budou v poctu obyvatelstva vice zastoupeni,nez bily ,takze se zcela zmeni cely postkolonialni system,ale to uz i Evropa ,nebude Evropou ,jak mnozi ze starsich pamatuji,takze ,dnes oslavy padu nacisticke rise ,jsou oslavami i padu bile populace na celem svete,kdo to nevidi ted ,tak se bude divit za takovych padesat roku navic,ale proc to rikam;kdyz heslo dne je "po nas potopa".


08.05.2005 22:00

Je důvod být pyšný na české vojáky v Afghánistánu?

Je důvod být pyšný na české vojáky v Afghánistánu?

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Prizvanim Turecka do NATA meni jen ohrozeni Evropy ,ze se zrusi hranice mezi Tureckem a Evropou a Evropu zaplni Turci hledajici praci,usadi se ,a zacnou velmi pocetne rodiny proti malo pocetnym rodinam Evropanu pozvolna ovladat ekonomicke a tim i politicke pole jednotlivych zemi.
Zde je jeste jedna velka zmena v pripade obrany zeme NATO ,tedy i Turecka,obrana "muslimske zeme",ktera ma tesne kontakty s ISRAELEM,pro mnohe nesrozumitelne ,jak zide mohou byt prateli muslimu,coz vysvetlim,proc ne ,kdyz tak zvani zide ,jsou ve zkutecnosti Chazari ,turecko-mongolskeho puvodu,tudiz skryti btatri Turecka.
Takze ,valka to Turecko se muze stat valkou pro zidovsky-chazarsky stat Israel ,je zma plno a tim i obrannych smluv s Tureckem,tak ,jak dnes americky vojak bojuje pto Israel,tak NATO,ktere zve Israel do spoluprace,muze byt v budoucnosti nastrojem Israelu,jako dnes Amerika.
Cele toto spolecenstvi po proniknuti Israelu do vedeni NATA,tak jak proniknou do kazdeho krestanskeho zrizeni bude pouzito k agresi na Rusko,coz dnes "Amerika" provadi na jihu Ruska,kde i trenice mezi islamci a Rusy nese znamky podpory z USA a Israelu,tak ,jak obevili v Chechenskem konfliktu.
Veskere tyto "diplomaticke manevry" jsou uzemni pripravou na pristi celosvetovy konflikt ve jmenu jedne svetove vlady,tedy ,te jejich,tak ,jak v roce 1947 rekli doslova,at se nam to libi ,nebo ne ,tak ji budem mit a to za "kazdou cenu",i kdyby svetovou nuklearni valkou vse znicili.
Full speech by Rabbi Rabbinovich (Rabinovich).12 ledna 1952,projev k zidovskym studentum.


12.06.2005 04:18

Jak se vyrábějí teroristé

Jak se vyrábějí teroristé

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Jenze zidi prisli do prace, zahynulo jich tam vice jak 2000.

Peter Veliky --

Nemate hledat vypozene pitomce ,ale mate hledat kopii clanku ,kde se vyskytuje tech 2 000 zidovskych obeti,cekame na to ,jak dokazete to co rikate ,tohle prece neni holocaust,ktery neni diskutovatelny,takze podejte dukaz a neztracejte cas na zbytecnostechZionist Circles Benefit From WTC Collapse[and SilversteinsaidON TV that he "pulled" wtc
Is'nt it strange that these buildings just happened to come under the ownership of these Zionist Jews several months before their destruction? And, if my memory serves me, was'nt there just one Jew that was killed among all of the fatalities? And, why were Zionist MOSSAD agents caught in the act of "celebrating" after the towers were brought down? And, why were they then released and allowed to go back to Israel? Interesting, don't you think?
Silverstein and his Australian-Israeli partner, Frank Lowy, are the real estate developers who obtained 99-year leases on the rental and retail spaces of the World Trade Center shortly before the catastrophe of Sept. 11.. While Silverstein controlled the 10.6 million-square-foot office space in the WTC complex, Westfield leased the 427,000 square-foot retail mall.

Silverstein and Eisenberg have both held leadership positions with the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), a billion dollar Zionist “charity” organization. Silverstein is engaged in a lawsuit to double his insurance pay-off and may win as much as $7.1 billion from the insurance companies by arguing that the destruction of the towers was two insured events instead of one. The property was insured for $3.55 billion. Silverstein Properties Inc. had asked the judge to rule on the one-loss-or-two issue in a lawsuit against 20 of the 22 insurers on the property.


12.06.2005 04:35

Námořníci USA chtějí žalovat Izrael

Námořníci USA chtějí žalovat Izrael

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

The attack has been a matter of controversy since 1967. Survivors and many key government officials including Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Moorer say the attack was no accident. CLICK HERE to see a long list of notable officials who believe the attack was deliberate. Two Israeli officers have come forward to admit that the attack was no accident. Yet the Israeli government and its supporters insist it was a "tragic case of misidentification" and charge that survivors and their eyewitness supporters are lying.
"Ahhh," you say. "Anti-Semitism!" No. Many of the ship's crew are Jewish, and we have many Jewish friends. We are NOT anti-Semitic. We ARE anti-Israel. We know that Israel has controlled the American congress for years... to the point where 34 dead sailors can go un-investigated!He displays gun camera footage of the attack, obtained from Israel -- that is out-and-out fraudulent. The footage was actually obtained as the Liberty was returning to Little Creek, VA, AFTER the attack. For proof, see: http://tinyurl.com/3nbz7
ISRAEL SAYS... they thought the ship was the Egyptian ship "El Quseir," which is a horse carrier one-fourth the size of the Liberty. OK. Here, put yourself in the pilot seat of the Israeli fighters or the Israeli motor torpedo boats... and let's take a look at the ship they saw. THEY DARE TO SPEAK OUT" by Paul Findley. Written by a former congressman, this book details the enormous influence of the Israeli Lobby in the USA. The book tells about the ease with which politics can be manipulated by another country. Details of Israeli influence in the White House, the press, universities, churches -- throughout America are given


20.06.2005 08:48

Kauza Zündel: Obvinění v nedohlednu

Kauza Zündel: Obvinění v nedohlednu

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Zundel nikoho neokradl, financni podvody nema ,pasovat dragy se mu take pricilo,jen zduraznil nespravedlnost na Nemecku a falesne pomluvi i s tim ,ze neskocil na zidovskou propagandu ,proti ktere vytahl dukazy a dat dukazy proti holocaustu ,i kdyz udajne plynove komory byly postaveny az po valce je dnes trestne ,co rekne kurator Auchwitzu je svate a opakovat necom po nem je trestne ,zejmena ,kdyz nemate ten "proletarsky puvod",takze ,porovnejme pripad Zundela a s bohem vybranym paserakem drag ,jez vyhral soutez krasy ve vezeni v Lime,v Peru.
More on those nice folks Daughter of Israeli ambassador to UK, drug smuggler, freed from Peruvian jail after just 18 months - a heart-warming little tale of drugs, influence, and a prison beauty pageant. Ten pounds of cocaine were found on Miss Lee Heifetz (right) as she boarded a flight from Peru. Peru then nabbed 14 other young Israelis in international drug ring. Daddy persuaded press to keep mum "saying it would disrupt his efforts to secure her release". (Clue: Peru president's wife is Israeli). During the press silence, Daddy was named Israel's ambassador to London. Tony Blair evidently approves.
Takze ,muzem dojit k zaveru ,ze pasovat dragy je lepsi ,nez lidem rikat pravdu a nebo se branit falesnym narcenim,jinymi slovy ,byt vlastenec a nenechat pomlouvat svou zem je velice osidna a nebezpecna zalezitost a Zundel je toho prikladem ,zakon a soudci se budou chtit vyhnout pripadne moralni a i zakonne porazce ,tak ,jak v procesech v Kanade ,kde i svedek Vrba presvedcil soud ,ze lze.


20.06.2005 09:08

Evropská unie: Hluboká krize

Evropská unie: Hluboká krize

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Tak ,abychom vedeli ,kdo je kdo.tak ten tak zvany polsky premier je Kwasniewski se jmenuje pravym jmenem Stoltzmann-zid. Takze ,zase z jedne i druhe strany se rozdeluje svet ,abys e dva tabory rozdilnych nazoru na cokoliv dali pouzit v dalsich vojenskych konfliktech a treti se smal,tak ,jak ve vsech valkach a vsech "revolucich".Zajimavy je postrech z `Asian Times,kde se pise o pristim Velke Depresy,jez je vetsinou zavinena premrstenymi cenamy nemovitosti.PanK.Liu zduraznil,ze pokud se svet,jak Amerika ,tak Evropa se svym UN bude chtit vyhnou velkemu financnimu krachu ,ke kteremu se schyluje ,tak bude se zbavit chudych lidi,jestlize bohati budou chtit nadale prosperovat.Pan Liu predpoklada ze v saharske oblasti Afriky bude muset umrit na 3 miliony deti,hladem,nemocema ,lokalnima valkama do roku 2015,na coz dohlizi UN Milennium Development Goals (UNMDG ),jak se veci zhorsuji kazdym dnem.
http://atimes.com/atimes/printN.htm strana 6.
Na vic se z celeho clanku dozvime,ze krach ,neni zalezitosti nahody,ale oragnisovaneho projevu lidi "u vesla",coz z jineho clanku muzem seznat,ze vlastne svet ovlada na 300 nejbohatsich rodin,jez s enavzajem znaji a jez ridi veci ,tak ,jak jsme denne svedky,takze ,zapad-vychod a nebo US a EU,to vsechno jsou matouci pojmy pro nezasvecene,takze ,vydelek ,jak z dolaru a nebo z Eurodolaru mizi v jedne a te same bance.


20.06.2005 09:22

Komentář ke kauze bankovních poplatků

Komentář ke kauze bankovních poplatků

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Kdyz lide utvori svou vlastni nezavislou banku ,tak ty velke banky ji nakonec znici.V Australii lide utvorili banku Pyramida ,kam lid estradali sve uspory a sve penze a vse za mirny poplatek a nebo z darma ,nebot banka platila sve zamestnance z uroku ulozenych penez,ktery ve velkem obemu daval zaruku prosperity na desitky roku dopredu,to ,ovsem bylo soli v ocich predrazenych bank ,jimz utikali zakaznici do teto banky.
Jednoho dne se obevili dva asistenti "jakesi" banky v obvodu Pyramid banky s tim ,ze tato banka kryje zkutecnost ,ze je v krachu a lide prijdou o uspory ,penze a jine,nastala panika a lid ese hnali vybrat co nejrychleji sve uroky a navic se zprava o poplachu obevila v novinach,jez prinesly zpravu "jedna pani povidala " bez jakychkoliv dukazu,panika dostoupla takoveho razu ,ze banka opravdu zkrachovala ,nebot penize investovane bankou,zcela nenaplnovali ciselnou zaruku v penezich v tresoru,coz ,takto ma kazda banka.Kdyz se vse znicilo a banka prestala existovat a hlavy vychladly a lide poznali ,ze oni sami si zpusobyli pad banky ,tak se rozhlidli po dvou zarucenych informatorech,ale ti nebyli uz k nalezeni,jen se vedelo ,ze to byli agenti ze Statni Banky,takze ,udelat si Kampelicku je rozumna vec ,ale rozumnejsi je si ji udrzet a nepodlehnout tlaku a podvodum velkych bank.Ti dva Jidasi si rozhodne odnesli za svou praci tucnou odmenu,zatimco lide ,nekteri,spachali i sebevrazdu,ale to temto sejdirum nevadi.


23.06.2005 04:38

Novináři deníku Le monde odsouzeni za kritiku Izraele

Novináři deníku Le monde odsouzeni za kritiku Izraele

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Howard Dean Advances Zionist Newspeak

Dean: "As Americans we believe in the right to free speech, and as Democrats we open our doors to a variety of opinions and perspectives from our fellow Americans." Dean professes to believe "in the right to free speech" and "to a variety of opinions and perspectives...." Yet, he condemns criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism.
Jinymi slovy ,mame demokracii,svobodu projevu,ale kdo kritisuje zidy je anti-semitista a neni American,jinymi slovy,chova se neamericky,proc rovnou neprijmou vsichni obcanstvi Israelu a neustavi plne zidovske zakony,kdyz uz prijali Noah zakony do svych americkych,zatimco bouraji krestanske desatero ,kde se da.Papezenec papeztejsi papeze,svet je plny uzitecnych idiotu ,jedni za zidacky baksis,druzi z nadseni.Komunismus nezahynul ,jen se pravdtelil ,muze se mu rikat demokraticka strana s komunistickym ,judaistickym programem. Zabit krestanska media a nezavisli tisk ,media je hlavnim dilem k ovladnuti massy lidi.Vzdejte se sveho nacionalismu,sve prislusnosti k narodu ,svych tradic ,historie a prijmete nase holocaustove nabozenstvi-judaismus ve forme jedne svetove vlady ,vymente sve obcanske svobody a prava za nasi Vam dodanou bezpecnost a prava.Nase zakony Vam zaruci klidny zivot pokud je budete presne dodrzovat,rikejte tomu jak chcete ,jenom ne ,ze to je moderni otroctvi udelane po diktatem svetove elity.Prestante myslet at se nedostanete do konfliktu se zakonem,kdo se boji ,ze by se mohl splect v mysleni,tak mu pomoci drag pomuzem udelat z neho uplnyho.......,ale stastne bez obav zijicim,ze by se dopustil neceho proti nam.


23.06.2005 04:57

Povstání v Iráku sílí

Povstání v Iráku sílí

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Downing Street Memo - Unleashing The Resistance
Downing Street Memo - Deception & Cover-up
Bush Deception On Iraq
Wipe some jews off of your shoes.REVOLUTION NOW
Iran Testing EMP Weapon?
You'd need a vast number of EMP weapons to even get close to destroying the ...
some very good empirical data on EMP effects from Operation Starfish Prime, ...
Ex-CIA chief warns of EMP nuke threat
EMP attacks are generated when a nuclear weapon is detonated at altitudes above
a few dozen ... APFN MESSAGEBOARD ARCHIVES. messageboard.gif (4314 bytes)
http://www.apfn.net/messageboard/ 05-02-05/discussion.cgi.38.htm
WASHINGTON Former CIA chief James Woolsey affirms the work of a special commission investigating the threat of a nuclear-bomb generated electromagnetic pulse attack on the U.S. by rogue states or terrorists and is urging the country to take steps necessary to protect against the potentially devastating consequences.
Who's Afraid of EMP? by Jude Wanniski
That first high-altitude megaton-yield nuke test over Johnson Island resulted in
power system failures in Hawaii, more than 700 miles away. ...
SATELLITE 2001 Official Show Coverage: 3.28.01
Nuke Fears Dominate Space Commerce 2001 By James Careless ... 1962 US Test in
which a 1.4 megaton bomb was set off 400 kilometers above Johnson Island. ...
http://www.telecomweb.com/reports/ satellite2001/0328/article6.htm
Strach a lez ,ovladla Ameriku


23.06.2005 05:10

Komentář ke kauze bankovních poplatků

Komentář ke kauze bankovních poplatků

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Mate zcela pravdu ,aby jste mel pravdu u soudu ,tak Vas musi representovat pravnik ,nebot rec soudu a jeho dzungle zakonu nikdo z obycejnych lidi nerozumi a zde je ten uraz ,pravnik ,ten nejlepsi si uctuje 400 dolaru za hodinu,za kopii zaplatite 20 centu,udelali to pravnik,tak uctuje 12 dolaru,aby jste mel pravdu za za 2 centy tak musite zaplatit tisice pravnikum a jeste nevite zda nevyhrajete.
Tohle se stalo osudne Jacsonovi,dal penize prvnimu zalobci ,za "zneuzivani deti",kdyz si zpocital ,ze na koncertech ztrati v case u soudu desetkrat vic ,nez ,kdyz mu da odskodneni i kdyz neni v pravu,dnes vladne ne zakon ,ale penize na ten zakon ,pravdu ma ten ,co zaplati soudum,proto Jacson zbankrotuje,vic jej okradou pravnici a soudci ,nez zalujici strany,kdyby nemel nic ,tak jej nikdo z rodicu nezaluje a zadny pravnik by jej nezastupoval ,ani ten nejlevnejsi,ten pravnik nejbidnejsi,lide dnes nemaji na to aby se domhli spravedlnosti.Tim ,ze prvnimu zaplatil miliony,tak dalsi nesledovali prikladu,nebot vedi ,ze Jacson nema jinou moznost,ktery z rodicu by nenastrcil vlastni dite na jednu noc ,za 6-8 milionu odskodneni?
V soudnich procesech vubec uz dnes nejde o to ,kdo ma pravdu,takze i Zundelovi bylo receno ,ze pravda neni soucasti obhajoby,tak daleko jsme dosli se svou demokracii a civilisaci.


23.06.2005 05:45

Kauza Zündel: Obvinění v nedohlednu

Kauza Zündel: Obvinění v nedohlednu

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Reflecting their role in the American media, Jews are routinely portrayed as high-minded, altruistic, trustworthy, compassionate, and deserving of sympathy and support. While millions of Americans readily accept such stereotyped imagery, not everyone is impressed.
"I am very angry with some of the Jews," complained actor Marlon Brando during a 1996 interview. "They know perfectly well what their responsibilities are ... Hollywood is run by Jews. It's owned by Jews, and they should have a greater sensitivity about the issue of people who are suffering." [note 9]
A Well-Entrenched Factor
The intimidating power of the "Jewish lobby" is not a new phenomenon, but has long been an important factor in American life.
In 1941 Charles Lindbergh spoke about the danger of Jewish power in the media and government. The shy 39-year-old -- known around the world for his epic 1927 New York to Paris flight, the first solo trans-Atlantic crossing -- was addressing 7,000 people in Des Moines, Iowa, on September 11, 1941, about the dangers of US involvement in the war then raging in Europe. The three most important groups pressing America into war, he explained, were the British, the Jews, and the Roosevelt administration.
Of the Jews, he said: "Their greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio, and our government."
In 1978, Jewish American scholar Alfred M. Lilienthal wrote in his detailed study, The Zionist Connection: [note 10]
"How has the Zionist will been imposed on the American people?... It is the Jewish connection, the tribal solidarity among themselves and the amazing pull on non-Jews.


23.06.2005 06:09

Novináři deníku Le monde odsouzeni za kritiku Izraele

Novináři deníku Le monde odsouzeni za kritiku Izraele

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

When Jews abroad slam Israel: Their right? Their duty?
For more than two decades, leftist Jews abroad publicly criticized Israeli government policies. They demonstrated against the occupation of the territories, military operations in Lebanon, and government prohibitions on contacts with the Palestinians.
Right-wing Israelis, in turn, denounced the leftists. Jews who live abroad, they argued, do not face the consequences of the advice they give Israel and should keep their criticism to themselves.
Then in the early 90s, the situation abruptly reversed. Some of the same Israeli officials who had argued most forcefully against criticizing Israel abroad led campaigns overseas against the Oslo process.
Today, both leftists and rightists in the Diaspora help finance campaigns of civil disobedience in Israel, including support for soldiers who refuse orders.
To what extent should Jews in the Diaspora voice criticism of Israeli policies? How valid is the argument that they do not face the consequences of their protest? To what extent does such criticism actually influence Israeli policy? Should Diaspora Jews withhold donations from Israel if they disagree with Israeli policy?
Komentar zidovskeho ctenare
Israel is a democracy, and we jews love to debate.
Any individual in Israel or outside has the right to speak his/her heart. Approval or criticism of policies are legitimate for anybody.
Philippe Spiberg, Laguna Beach, United States of America

V Madarsku a jinde se snazi udelat universalni zakon o anti-semitismu ,techto ne semitu,chazaru.


08.09.2005 02:10

Umělá katastrofa: Hurikán obnažil katastrofu sociálního státu vyrobenou člověkem

Co je prirodni a co umele je dnes otazka a nebo; Porucime ,vetru , desti.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Vzdy se rikalo, ze clovek se stane panem prirody a tak uz v rce 1975 vysel dokument s nazvem[vyplazený jazyk]rohibition of wether modificationas a weapen of war-Zakaz pouzivani pocasi jako zbrane.Tak daleko to dopracovalo lidstvo, ze si dela svou vlastni zkazu, dokument byl predlozen ke schvaleni , kdyz i z Ruska prisla pripominka , co vsechno se da delat s lidmi pomoci "nove zbrane"pocasi.
At si kazdy z Vas najde linku:http:www.cuttingedge.org
DNES "CHORE MOZKY VEDCU'pracuji i na vyvolavani umeleho zemetreseni,tak , co muzem chtit a co ocekavat od teto ,tak zvane inteligence.

Introduced in the US Senate on March 1, 2005, Bill S517 calls for a US
"Weather Modification Advisory and Research Board" to officially commence
operations in October 2005. When passed as expected, this law will make
large-scale chemical alteration of the atmosphere legal across a formerly
free and beautiful land called America.

It's already happening. Less than two weeks before the bill was introduced,
Linda wrote from "up here in the mountains of northeast Georgia" of the
worst spray day she had ever seen. "Not one day in the past two months have
we had a blue sky with normal clouds," Linda wrote. Even normal clouds "are
'laced' with whatever the hell is coming out of those white planes that have
no engine sounds, even when they fly low enough to see there is no printing
anywhere on the planes."

Several years ago the US Air Force stated that it was repainting its silver
aircraft white, and retrofitting its jet tanker fleet with "hush kits" to
silence their engines.

Former six-year a board member of Greenpeace Germany, Monika Griefahn
chaired the Committee for Culture and Media of the Federal German Parliament
when she replied to a letter from two chemtrails dissenters in July 2004,
stating, "I am in basic agreement with your concerns. Instead of making a
concerted and determined effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
throughout the world, experiments of various kinds are being carried out in
the earth's atmosphere in order to cure the symptoms."


11.10.2005 13:15

Židé požadují stažení Zundelsite z Google

Vystizna ukazka z zidovskeho-chazarskeho tisku,co nosi stale v hlave.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Fleisher and other Chabadists (like in the Pentagon photos above) have a plan to take over the government of the United States. See about this in their own words, at their own website, a small sample here:

I) We must first create a new Noachide society as an international network of communities and organizations functioning inside, but separately from, the surrounding society (based on halachic requirements and directives, Noachide institutions function quite differently from their Christian and secular counterparts).

This starts with an aggressive outreach program, by Jews and Noachides alike, to teach gentiles about their responsibilities according to Torah.

Simultaneously, we must organize functioning programs and institutions that are prepared to absorb these vast numbers of ex-Christians and immediately involve them in efforts to bring Moshiach. The Noachide communities require schools for their children, modeled after the Jewish yeshiva programs; Torah study groups geared for their specific needs; coordinated celebrations of appropriate Torah holidays; family services for marriage, support for the elderly, and burial; courts of justice, led by rabbinically trained righteous judges, which will function similarly to Jewish batei dinim; and tzedaka programs to assist the needy, to build new Noachide schools, and to support Jewish settlements in Israel and synagogues throughout the diaspora.

To je presne to,co chteli udelat s Ruskem a dnes to zkousi jinym zpusobem ,ne pomoci revoluce, ale ovladnout Ameriku, pravne a politicky a pres ni zbytek sveta.Takze , Hitler nebyl takovy silenec ,jak nam jej v dobach skolni vyuky predstavovali, ten jediny odolal povstani rudych BUND v Nemecku a Karl Leibknecht a Rosy Luxemburgova byli zlikvidovani driv nez se dostali do cisarskeho palace ,zid Radek ,vyslanec Lenina -Blank musel z Nemecka narychlo zmizet.
By Rev. Ted Pike

As I spearhead national opposition to “anti-hate” bill S.1145 (The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2005), I receive input such as this: “I have read S.1145 and don’t find any great conspiracy against free speech.” Or, “My member of Congress says S.1145 merely provides federal assistance to state and Indian tribes in their fight against violent hate crimes.”

Here is a brief guide to understanding S.1145’s hidden yet supremely dangerous agenda.


24.01.2006 02:59

Jak by to mělo být a není

Prakticky ,svobodny zurnalismus neexistuje.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Keep in mind that formal education and the establishment media are directly or indirectly financed by "big money" from "The City" in London, England, from "Wall Street" in New York, USA and/or from "Bay Street" in Toronto, Canada. Remember the famous "Golden Rule" quotation: "Those who have the gold make the rules." Consider carefully, the following quotation by John Swinton, the former Chief of Staff for the New York Times ("All the News That's Fit to Print") and one of America's best loved newspaper journalists. Called by his peers "The Dean Of His Profession", John was asked in 1953 to give a toast before the New York Press Club, and in so doing made a monumentally important and revealing statement

There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in America, as independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.
Its OK for someone named "Stein" to say who controls the media, but don't you try lest you be exposed as an anti-Semite.
The Washington Times reports Ben Stein, a television personality, said in a speech Nov. 12 at Catholic University Law School:
'Not so long ago, it was unheard of for Jews to be in the major law firms in Washington, D.C. Jews were not allowed to live in huge swaths of Bethesda and Chevy Chase (Maryland), not allowed in any of the major country clubs...
'I think (this) about what the Jewish position is (now) in America: The secretary of state is Jewish...The secretary of defense is half-Jewish...The secretary of the treasury is the only one who is Jewish and admits he's Jewish. We have many Jewish senators and congressmen,
'The head of every major Hollywood studio is Jewish. The heads of all the networks are Jewish. The heads of two out of the four national newspapers are Jewish. The heads of every Ivy League university are Jewish."


24.01.2006 03:38

Íránská ropná burza hrozí

Jak se do lesa vola ,tak se i ozyva,to je snad vystizne proti zido-americke valce.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

This War Is For Us
Ariel Natan Pasko - Arutz Sheva/Israel National News

Wednesday, March 26 2003/22 Adar 5763

JERUSALEM Of course this war against Iraq and Saddam Hussein is for us. Even the anti-Semites, like Patrick J. Buchanan and Congressman Jim Moran know it.

Pat Buchanan has been accusing the neo-conservatives, what he calls the War Party i.e., the Jews and their followers in America of pushing the United States into this war. He has also blamed Prime Minister Sharon and Israel for wanting the war. That´s what he said in a recent article, "Whose War?"

Rep. Moran recently came out of the closet saying, "If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this." Other anti-Semites have also been saying it.

They are both right, and dead wrong. True, most Jews in America and Israel want the US to capture Saddam Hussein and his gang, disarm Iraq of Weapons of Mass Destruction, institute some form of regime change, and introduce freedom and democracy.
Valka proti muslimskym zemim je zalozena na lzich a pravym zajmem jevykradanizemi od jejich prirodniho bohatstvi a omezit a nebo uplne znicit jejich odpor proti umele vytvorenymu statu Israel ,jez "vyrostl" na terrorismu od sameho pocatku a jeho obeti nezapominaji na tento cin ,tak ,jak Urajinci na umele vytvoreny hladomor a Rusove na tak zvanou bolsevickou vladu,ktera byla z 90% zidovska ,tato vlada dnes vladne v USA a pouziva tuto zemi k vytvoreni valky mezi krestany a muslimskym svetem,kdyby se krestani a muslimove shodli v nazorech a projevili jednotu nazoru,tak by to pro svetove chazarsko byla nepredstavitelna katastrofa a nepomohlo by jim ani dvoje statni prislusenstvi a zakon o navratu,ne do Chazarska ,ovsem.
Musliske zeme se brani ,nejsou tak kolaborantni ,jako zeme krestanske ,co je Bulharsku a nebo Polsku do politiky zemi daleko od nich?
Takze ,olej ,jako zbran muze znesnadnit zivot vsech kolaborantnich zemi se statem USA,kazda zeme neni k tomu ,abyse nechala okupovat,vykradat a jeste ,aby za to musela dekovat,tak ,jak byl"Warsavsky pakt".
Charta UN napsana tremi zidy je jen k oblbovani narodu a lidi ,cela tato organisace byla utvorena k tomu ,aby se stala nastrojem elity teto zeme,coz ukazala v mnoha pripadech genocit,kde nikdy nic nezastavila ,ale ,mnohdy utocnikovi pomohla,jak je dnes finkce UN v tak zvane valce proti svetovemu terrorismu,ktery i dle slov ruskeho generala je nesmyslem, ale presto to ospravedlnuje vrazdit lidi jinych zemi a terrorisovat sve vlastni obyvatelstvo.
Arabske zeme maji pravo na jakekoliv prostredky ke sve obrane,nelezou do USA ,ale USA leze k nim ve jmenu spojence -Israelu.
"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy."

James Madison, while a United States Congressman

In One World Or None (1946), about half the authors are Jewish: Bohr, Oppenheimer, Szilard, Einstein, Harold Urey, Hans Bethe and Walter Lippmann.


24.01.2006 03:45

Jak by to mělo být a není

Clovek ,jez slouzil rezimu i svym zivotem,nakonec poznal svuj zivotni omyl.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Dr. Robert M. Bowman, a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the USA Air Force, in an open letter to the USA President, George W Bush (2001):

"We are not hated because we practice democracy, freedom, and human rights. We are hated because our government denies these things to people in third world countries whose resources are coveted by our multinational corporations. And that hatred we have sown has come back to haunt us in the form of terrorism..."

"We are the target of terrorists because we stand for dictatorship, bondage, and human exploitation in the world. We are the target of terrorists because we are hated. And we are hated because our government has done hateful things. In how many countries have we deposed popularly elected leaders and replaced them with puppet military dictators who were willing to sell out their own people to American multinational corporations?"

"We did it in Iran when we deposed Mossadegh because he wanted to nationalize the oil industry. We replaced him with the Shah, and trained, armed, and paid his hated Savak national guard, which enslaved and brutalized the people of Iran. All to protect the financial interests of our oil companies. Is it any wonder there are people in Iran who hate us?"

"We did it in Chile when we deposed Allende, democratically elected by the people to introduce socialism. We replaced him with the brutal right-wing military dictator, General Pinochet. Chile has still not recovered."

"We did it in Vietnam when we thwarted democratic elections in the South which would have united the country under Ho Chi Minh. We replaced him with a series of ineffectual puppet crooks who invited us to come in and slaughter their people, and we did. (I flew 101 combat missions in that war....)"

"We did it in Iraq, where we killed a quarter of a million civilians in a failed attempt to topple Saddam Hussein, and where we have killed a million since then with our sanctions. About half of these innocent victims have been children under the age of five."

"And, of course, how many times have we done it in Nicaragua and all the other banana republics of Latin America? Time after time we have ousted popular leaders who wanted the riches of the land to be shared by the people who worked it. We replaced them with murderous tyrants who would sell out and control their own people so that the wealth of the land could be taken out by Domino Sugar, the United Fruit Company, Folgers, and Chiquita Banana."

"In country after country, our government has thwarted democracy, stifled freedom, and trampled human rights. That's why we are hated around the world. And that's why we are the target of terrorists."

"People in Canada enjoy better democracy, more freedom, and greater human rights than we do. So do the people of Norway and Sweden. Have you heard of Canadian embassies being bombed? Or Norwegian embassies? Or Swedish embassies. No. We are not hated because we practice democracy, freedom, and human rights."

"Instead of sending our sons and daughters around the world to kill Arabs...

Kráceno (Editor)


24.01.2006 03:53

Jak by to mělo být a není

Naturally the common people don`t want war-Hermann Goering,Obycejni lide nechteji valku.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?


"Instead of sending our sons and daughters around the world to kill Arabs so the oil companies can sell the oil under their sand, we must send them to rebuild their infrastructure, supply clean water, and feed starving children. Instead of continuing to kill thousands of Iraqi children every day with our sanctions, we must help them rebuild their electric power plants, their water treatment facilities, their hospitals; all the things we destroyed in our war against them and prevented them from rebuilding with our sanctions."

"Instead of seeking to be king of the hill, we must become a responsible member of the family of nations. Instead of stationing hundreds of thousands of troops around the world to protect the financial interests of our multinational corporations, we must bring them home and expand the Peace Corps. Instead of training terrorists and death squads in the techniques of torture and assassination, we must close the School of the Americas (no matter what name they use). Instead of supporting military dictatorships, we must support true democracy; the right of the people to choose their own leaders. Instead of supporting insurrection, destabilization, assassination, and terror around the world, we must abolish the CIA and give the money to relief agencies."

"In short, we do good instead of evil. We become the good guys, once again."

"The threat of terrorism would vanish. That is what the American people need to hear. We are good people. We only need to be told the truth and given the vision. You can do it, Mr. President. Stop the killing. Stop the justifying. Stop the retaliating. Put people first. Tell them the truth."
George W Bush, USA president during the State of the Union address on 28 January 2003:

"Throughout the 20th century small groups of men seized control of great nations, built armies and arsenals, and set out to dominate the weak and intimidate the world."
-Major General Smedley D. Butler, USA strategist, 1935.

"Lest this seem to be the bellicose pipedream of some dyspeptic desk soldier, let us remember that the military deal of our country has never been defensive warfare. Since the Revolution, only the United Kingdom has beaten our record for square miles of territory acquired by military conquest. Our exploits against the American Indian, against the Filipinos, the Mexicans, and against Spain are on a par with the campaigns of Genghis Khan, the Japanese in Manchuria and the African attack of Mussolini. No country has ever declared war on us before we first obliged them with that gesture. Our whole history shows we have never fought a defensive war. And at the rate our armed forces are being implemented at present, the odds are against our fighting one in the near future."


06.04.2006 02:54

Tiše tleskám, abych nevyplašil

RE: Tolik chytrych hlav a nechali narod -obcany okrast privatisaci.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Jestli mnozi z Vas pisete a rikate neco o arijske rase a Sibiri,tak byste si meli uvedomit dve zakladni veci,ze Sibirske tabory Gulag nebyli udelany arijci pro nearijce ale zide ,jako Frankel.Uspensky,Firin zalozili tyto tabory pro blaho bolsevickeho rezimu,takze ,kazdi ne ariec,tedy zid se dostal tam ,co zide vytvorili pro arijce ,nebot zidovsky -bolsevicky sistem oddelal takto na 100 milionu arijcu,da-li s etak rici.
Za druhe ,nebudte uneseni propagandou ,kde by zkoncil Cesky narod a povidackama o holocaustu ,nebot v nemeckem Wermachtu slouzilo pres 1500 zidu,pod vedenim Milsteina ,nacelnika generalniho stabu nemeckych vojsk slouzilo,miliony tech cistokrevnych arijcu,nezapomente ,ze mnozi zide -tak zvani-se vubec nijak netesili z osvobozeni Berlina ,kdo stavel barikady v jeho ulicich byli zide ,nebot vedeli dobre ,co je bolsevicky zid na rozdil od nemeckeho, a rovnez ,zidovky-nemky by Vam mohli vypravet ,jak usitili osvobozeni na svem tele,podle predlohy radioveho vyslilani Ilya Ehrenburga,jez vyzyval vojaky ke znasilneni,teda ,nabadal krestany pod zidovskym vedenim delat spatnosti,to same ,co dnes americane -krestani delaji Iracanum,na povel zidu z Washingtonu.
Nakonec i hrdinny Bismark,mel druheho kapitana zida,dle Nurimberskych zakonu,osobni sofer Hitlera byl zid take,a dokonce se vi ,ze zidum bojujicim v radach wermachtu bylo dovoleno se modlit a provadet sve nabozenske ukony,take nezapomente ,ze je nacisticka medaile s hakenkrajcem a zidovskou-zionistickou hvezdou na strane druhe,Nemci nemeli nic proti zidum ,kteri zastupovali zajmy Nemecka a nedelai revoluci a anarchismus.
Takze ,cas vsech znalosti dnes pochazi od vymyvani mozku a velke propagandy,nakonec dilo Israel Shamir stoji za precteni,ale jen pro otevrene hlavy,hlusi a slepi ,ale velci kritici stejne nic nepochopi.
Dekujme Zvedavci ,ze nam dava moznost samovzdelani k doplneni mezer v nasem vedeni,kdo zna svou minulost (pravdivou ,ovsem ),muze delat budoucnost.Takze "placici" zide si za mnohe muzou sami,za cela tisicileti ,co ,kde byli vyhnani,bylo na zaklade nelidskeho vydridustvi a kriminality vseho druhu, sam ,jeden zidovsky pisatel priznal,ze vsech kapsaru na Berlinskem nadrazi bylo 50% zidu.
Kdo ,dnes valdne svetu,jsou zide ,Americane si na to vzali universitu a vysledek je ten ,ze tak zvane zidovske lobby ovlada americkou vladu,tak zvanou,ktera neni ve zkutecnosti americka.Zide na vlivnych mistech organisuji pogrom pro krestany a muslimy a to je nezmenitelna pravda,takze ,kde bychom zkoncili,kdyby vyhral Hitler je otazkou,zatim mame odpoved ,kde zkoncime dnes,kdyz zide dostanou celosvetovou kontrolu nad nami vsemi.
Jestlize ve svych zemich zavirate lidi ,co kritisuji zidy,tak zvane,jakou mate vladu ,krestanskou a nebo zidovskou?
Meet just a few of your Jewish Supremacist Warmongers
From left to right: William Kristol, Richard Perle, Ari Fleischer, Israeli Prime Minister and Mass-Murderer Ariel Sharon, Paul Wolfowitz, Elliott Abrams, Douglas Feith


06.04.2006 03:23

Dopis válečného veterána prezidentu Spojených států

RE: Kdo vi ,jake jsou zamery

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Strilite ,ale ve zkutecnosti nevite na ,co strilite,jenom,ze strilite.
Meet just a few of your Jewish Supremacist Warmongers
From left to right: William Kristol, Richard Perle, Ari Fleischer, Israeli Prime Minister and Mass-Murderer Ariel Sharon, Paul Wolfowitz, Elliott Abrams, Douglas Feith
Muzete vyjmenovat a nebo najit ,kdo je v Americe u vlady,co je to za lidi?
It is now official: Israeli spies fed fake evidence to US government through
Jewish US Government officials!Kdo hejba americkou vnitrni a zahranicni politikou,jsou udajne preventivni akce "Americeke" vlady,rikejme ji tak ,pod dukazy Mossadu a Israelu,tak ,jak se Arial Sheron vyjadril,ze ;Amerika ,to jsou oni,zide a Americani jsou si toho dobra vedomi-zde je ten dulezity bod ,ze ,my ostatni lide jsme si vedomi,ze Amerika je v rukou zidu,dekujme za pravdu Arial Sheronovi,kterou rekl novinarum 3 Octobra-Rijna,2001 a jeho pomocnik ,general,co pronesl slova,ze at chce krestansky svet ano a nebo ne ,tak stejne budem mit treti svetovou valku,zkuste trochu premyslet,boli to ,ale nekdy se to povede.Mnozi nasi lide v Ceskoslovensku nedovedli rozlisovat,vydeli spatny rezim v bacharovi,co je fackoval,ale ten bachar to delal na neci rozkaz a toho ,ten vezen nikdy nevidel a ten mel vzdycky ruce ciste i kdyz byl vlastne puvodce vseho zla, v Peckove placi by take nemlatili nase lidi ,kdyby nebylo udavacu,nakonec ,toto Nemci na svou obhajobu uvedli u pozdejsiho soudu.Proto sudte jine s rozumem a ne emocemi a nebo propagandou.Posudte ,kdo nechal Ameriku zaplavit emigranty,nebyla to tahle zidovska vlada,ktera i emigrantum udeluje asil proti vuli pravych Americanu?
Americkeho polatnika stoji okupace od zidu na 3 trilony rocne.
Who is Ariel Sharon? Interview by Amos Oz in 1982 >Go
Mnozi Americane ,vubec nevedi ,co se s nimi deje.


11.06.2006 06:31

„Jsme silní a rozhodní“

Ty keci o zidovske svetovlade......

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Celý můj život je boj se sionismem. Jeho cílem je vytvoření nového světového pořádku, nadvlády evropské buržoazie. Aby toho mohli dosáhnout, musejí zničit Sovětský svaz. Rusko. Zlikvidovat víru a proměnit ruský národ v kosmopolity bez nacionálního cítění.

J.V. Stalin
(S obcanskym jmenem Djugashvilli, tak ,jak se nechal nazyvat v Georgii,ale "shvili " znaci syn-chlapec,slovo "Djuga" mini zid,takze v celku Djugasvili mini zidovsky syn. Stalin se ve zkutecnosti jmenoval anglicky psane-Joe Jewison.)


11.06.2006 07:10

Teroristé na baterky

Terroristicka bublina v Britanii praskla-Hegelinsky principl pracuje.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Do zacatku,ve vsem tom svetovem tahani, vezmeme dnes zpravu z Britanie, po velkem humbuku ve vsech mediich,jaky je vseobecny ucel "boje proti terrosismu"Questions after raid pair release
BBC | June 10 2006
Questions are being asked about the way police and intelligence services handled an anti-terror raid in east London after the release of two men.
Brothers Abul Koyair, 20, and Mohammed Abdul Kahar, 23, who was shot in the raid, were freed without charge on Friday evening.

Technika na ovladnuti deni ve svete je v celku prosta rika se tomu Hegelian princip,jez se sklada ze tri stupnu ,jez nasleduji zakonite za sebou.
Prvnim stupnem je to ,ze vyvolame nejaky problem, rasovy , nabozensky ,financnim upadek , narodnostni, utok zvenci a jine.
Druhym stupnem , uz je to, ze postavime lidi do planovane a vyvolane opozice problemu pomoci strachu, paniky, hysterie ,strachu o budoucnost a strachu o svuj majetek a penize, tudiz stanou se ovladatelnymi.
Treti stupen je uz konecne reseni , kdy "davu" nabidneme nase plany ,ktere by nikdy nebyly mozne uskutecnit bez techto trech bodu a dostanem lidi tam , kde je chceme mit a jeste s tim vedomim ,ze jim vlastne chceme pomoci resit jejich problemy a na vic , dodame jim pocit , ze to delaji svobodne o sve vuli. Ucinek zvysime pomoci propagandy medii a pripomeneme narodu "hrdiny" , kteri vznikli tou samou cestou, tri bodu,jako ti nastupujici, jez budou zase vyuziti v budoucnosti pro nase plany.
------ ------------
Nemecky Rissky Marsal Letectva , Herman Goering to spravne vystihnul, kdyz rekl: "Lide v podstate nechteji zadnou valku, ale , kdyz se jim rekne, ze jim hrozi napadeni od nepritele ,tak prijmou jakakoliv narizeni a opatreni."
Nakonec , Bushuv boj proti "Terorismu" neni nicim jinym, nez vymenit obcanske svobody za bezpecnost v "kleci".

11. September-Rijen ,byl toho ukazkou,vyvolal se konflikt, ten ,kdo jej vyvolal nabidnul reseni pomoci bezpecnostni opatreni s pocitem nabite bezpecnosti Vam vzali mnoho Vasich osobnich svobod ,jste vic kontrolovan ,nez kdykoliv pred tim, pomoci bezpecnostnich narizeni jste manevrovan ,kde Vas chteji mit ,ti ,jez jsou zotpovedni za vyvolani konfliktu.

Kdysi ,jeden moury clovek rekl: Obcane, tvym nejvetsim nepritelem ,je tva, vlastni vlada.


11.06.2006 08:04

„Jsme silní a rozhodní“

Mily pratele.....

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Mily pratele, Ti ,jez se mnou v mnohem nesouhlasi a nebo i za nejaky baksis jen provokuji i Ti, co ctou me prispevky a vedi ,co chci rici, jaky je vzkaz lide,tak vlasne vsichni my dohromady, jsme dnes v situaci ,ze kdyz nebudem dnes , za jedno ,tak budem v budoucnosti za jedno, ale uz bez naseho vnitrniho prani, ale ,kazdoapne si vsichni budem socialne rovni, ten cas prijde.
Rikejme Amerika , ale vime vsichni, ze to ta Amerika s temi Americani nedela ,aby se vecne hledalo nejake propagandisticke obvineni k opodstaneni ,ze chceme valku. Prakticky, kdyz to nebude Afganistan ,tak to bude Somalie a nebo Irak ,ted je humbuk o Iranu a zitra to bude ,kdo ?
President Bush ,jak sam rekl, s Bozim vnuknutim si napsal seznam ,mnha statu ,jez by prichazeli ,jeden po druhem na radu,tak ,jak i obcani Ameriky,jsou sledovani,odposlouchvani a prijdou ,jeden po druhem na radu.
Proc ,to vsechno rikam, protoze si ctu clanek o praci pana Hans Brix(take jeden z tech ,ale zda se byt solidni ),ktery ,co by inspektor pracujici pro Spojene narody prolezal Hussejnovo kralovstvi ,od zachodu az po sklepy a nic nenasel, ale , ted se nechal slyset,ze svet,cely svet, ma dohromady na 27 000 nuklearnich zbrani-ted ,uz vite ,proc jsme vsichni na tom stejne, podle mne, meho mysleni, kdyz prijde "soudny den" nebude mezi nami rozdilu,nebude uz treba se tahat o nazory, zmenime se jak se rika :z prachu jsi povstal a v prach se promenis.Herald Tribune-Don`t forget those other 27,000 nukes> uverejnil tento clanek a tak otazka je ,nestane se nekde ve svete , podle seznamu Bushe ,konecny omyl-hloupost lidstva , ze se samy vymazem z teto planety,kdo muze prezit po takovem nuklearnim nadeleni?Budou jeste potrebne otravne latky a nebo bakteriologicke a jine zbrane, myslim ,ze ne.Doufam ,ze mam slouhlastentokrate od vsech.
Dalsi zprava mne zaujala z rozhovoru s panem Michael Bergre,otcem popraveneho zuranlisty v Iraku ,kde nakonec vyslo na verejnost ,ze je to rovnez zid , ale zarazilo mne,co rekl na otazku repporterovi CNN ,ktery mluvil s obetmi terroru ,ted zabiteho Zarqawi.
Ber[velký smích]emokracie?Ale, jdi?Ty opravdu , ze opravdu mame demokracii, kdyz lide jez ridi volby maji u pasu pistoli.To prece nemuze byt demokracie.
Opet dotaz od CNN reportera a Bergova odpoved:Ja nerikam ,ze Saddam byl dobry clovek,ale on neni horsi Bushe!Saddam nestiskl spoust(nezacal valku),nedelal znasilneni zen.Ackoliv Bush, oba ,tedy jsou zotpovedni za svetovy terror, ja tohle neberu.
Irak nemel nic spolecneho s al Qaeda,Al Qaeda zabili meho syna.Pod vedenim Saddama,nebyla Qaeda skupina.Pod vedenim Bushe je Qaeda.Za Saddama Irak mel stabilitu statu.Pod vedenim Bushe ji nema.Za Saddama bylo 30 000 obeti,ale za Bushe mame 60 000 obeti.
Proste ,reportaz se nedokoncila,nepovedla se .
V podstate jsme vsichni, bez rozdilu na jedne lodi a jina kolem nepluje, kdybychom se zacli potapet.


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Počty zemřelých loni a dnes09.10.20 15:21 Česká republika 6

Studenti na slavné Karlové univerzitě chtějí "bezpohlavní systém"09.10.20 00:10 Česká republika 2

Byla pandemie plánována?08.10.20 21:48 Neurčeno 8

Hoří, hoří a ne a ne spadnout08.10.20 21:23 Jižní Korea 11

Vláda tvrdě zpřísňuje opatření. Na 14 dní se zavřou ZOO, bazény, posilovny, kulturní i sportovní akce08.10.20 16:43 Česká republika 7

Zákon o šmírování internetu vojáky prošel dál08.10.20 15:37 Česká republika 0

Už je to tady: Očkovaní na covid nebudou muset nosit roušky08.10.20 13:19 Česká republika 6

FB smazal Trumpovi 2x příspěvek, ve kterém píše, že chřipka je horší než covid07.10.20 10:35 USA 2

Zločin proti lidskosti06.10.20 21:22 Německo 0

Prymulovi jen tak přistál na účtu milión korun06.10.20 09:50 Česká republika 3

Petice proti náhubkům, testům na covid19 a dalším opatřením04.10.20 17:58 Česká republika 11

Švédsko otáčí? Nechce krimigranty z Řecka03.10.20 14:22 Švédsko 0

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